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We are pleased to announce that the Institute of Strategic Risk Management (ISRM) is ready for the Global Journal, 3rd Edition!

We are calling for papers from risk and resilience management professionals who would like to share their experience and insights with their colleagues.

Papers will be chosen based on the grounds of relevance, quality, and significance. Papers may also be chosen, at the editor’s discretion, for inclusion in future journal issues.

Submissions can either be opinion pieces or peer-reviewed articles, guidelines for which are detailed below.

Authors are required to submit with their paper:

  • a suitable high-definition professional headshot;
  • a brief biography (approx. 100 words); and
  • 2 or 3 quotes/extracts from the paper that best captures its key points.


Opinion Piece

  • To be original in content, and to provide appropriate refences where other content is indeed included. The responsibility for originality and plagiarism issues remains with the author, not the Institute of Strategic Risk Management (ISRM).
  • Make a contribution to business practice, and have not been previously published elsewhere.
  • Provide opinions and insights, as well as practical information on how to deal with contemporary risk and resilience management issues.
  • Not be commercial in nature (i.e. advertising or publicising a service or product)
  • Author/s to include a statement regarding conflicts of interest.
  • Papers should be submitted in Word and double spaced.
  • Harvard referencing should be utilised as appropriate.
  • Suggested paper length: 800 to 1500 words

Peer-Reviewed Article

All of the opinion piece guidelines, plus:

  • Answer the “so what” question.
  • Address the implications / impacts for business practitioners, supported by appropriate practical examples (where applicable).
  • Suggested paper length/s:
    • Empirical paper <5,000 words excluding title page, abstract & references
    • Review <4,000 words excluding title page, abstract & references
    • Meta analysis <4,000 words excluding title page, abstract & references
    • Case history <3,000 words excluding title page, abstract & references

Role of ISRM Journal Peer Review Committee:

  • Reviewers may offer comments and suggestions for further revision, or reject the paper.
  • Final copy-editing may occur to ensure a professional standard is maintained.
  • Once the paper has been accepted for publication, the publication date will be advised.

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