Justin Ready

Associate Professor, Griffith University

Session #4 – Panel Discussion: Unravelling the Complexity: Social Science and Public Policy Research in Addressing Wicked Problems

Justin Ready is an Associate Professor in the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice at Griffith University. He received his PhD at Rutgers University where he served as Project Director in the Centre for Crime Prevention Studies. He later worked as a Senior Research Associate at the Police Foundation in Washington, DC. His research focuses on crime hot spots, the link between crime and public health, and the impact of emerging technology on police practices. He is the 2013 recipient of the Young Experimental Scholar Award and the 2016 recipient of the Award for the Outstanding Experimental Field Trial. Recently, he has studied the effects of critical incidents on officer memory, and the impact of body worn video on operational policing. His publications have appeared in academic journals such as Criminology, the Journal of Experimental Criminology and Justice Quarterly.