About Kieran Deale

Kieran is a Strategic Consultant working for Mandiant. As part of the APAC Strategic Services Team, Kieran assesses the cyber security posture of companies across a variety of industries.

Kieran’s career crosses 14 years of professional services, counter-terrorism and government advisory. Kieran worked as a systems administrator, pre-sales engineer and CRM consultant early in his career. After a technology focused career, Kieran joined the NSW Police Force, where he worked in the Counter Terrorism and Special Tactics Command, providing a variety of security advisory services to owners and operators of critical infrastructure.

After leaving the NSW Police Force, Kieran worked for the NSW Government as the Operations and Security Manager for the NSW Government’s most critical pieces of infrastructure, the NSW Government Data Centers. Before moving to Mandiant, Kieran finished his time in government as the A/Director of Cyber Security Operations for what is now known as Cyber Security NSW.